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Office Openings Soon

As we begin this journey together we will soon be opening offices throughout the Commonwealth. We are bringing a unique concept to all of our offices.  Our offices are not going to be just where you can meet campaign staff and let us hear your issues and volunteer; but our offices are also going to be Community Centers as well.  We will have computers so individuals can find jobs and students can do their homework.  We will also have a food pantry for those that might need some assistance. 

Mike for Lt. Governor


Soon offices will be opening up throughout the Commonwealth sector so that the campaign can hear what the citizens of each and every corner of Virginia need.  

The Platform

Serving The Community


Mike has been an active member of the community.  He is a progressive voice for the underappreciated in our communities, and always fights for what he believes in.  Social Justice issues are what drives Mike everyday!

United By A Common Goal


Mike knows the value of being connected. That's why he is running.  Mike knows the importance of working with community leaders to make the lives better for all the citizens of Virginia.  

Change is Needed


The time is now to allow young progressive leaders to lead.  For too long we have allowed career politicians lead Virginia, and progress is not being made. Its time for a new generation to take the reigns and truly lead Virginia.