Women's Rights

Women's rights are personal to me. I was raised by and surround myself with strong, independent women.  I believe that my mother, sisters, nieces, and friends are being treated unfairly, and are attacked yearly in the General Assembly.  As your Lt. Governor, I will be a forceful advocate, and voice for protecting their rights.  

Gun Reform

Almost Everyone in the Commonwealth sector has been touched by Gun Violence.  I strongly believe it is time to bring common sense gun reform here to Virginia.  I will work with Senators and Delegate to make this happen.  For far to long we have been complacent on this issue, and the time to act is now.  As your Lt. Governor I will be a progressive voice on this important issue.   

Criminal Justice Reform

As a lifelong resident of Virginia, I personally know the struggle of those that live throughout the Commonwealth sector. I firmly believe that a prison sentence should not be based on the color of your skin or the zip code that you live in.  As your Lt. Governor I will fight hard in Richmond to ensure that there is a fair and impartial criminal justice system that meets the needs of the accused, the victims, and all Virginians.  My own experiences have helped define my views on the need for reform here in Virginia.  


I understand the importance of providing quality healthcare to our most vulnerable citizens.  In Richmond as Lt. Governor I will fight hard for those rights.  Healthcare is a right not a privilege. We need to expand our mental health programs to ensure those that need the help receive it a timely manner. I will fight tirelessly for these healthcare rights keeping in mind that I have been a recipent of my states health program.


Right now in Virginia, someone can work full-time and make less then $15,000 a year.  Compare that to the amount needed for a married couple with one child to live in Virginia-which is $55,161 according to the MIT's living wage calculator.  We must push together to push wages up for working people.  That's the last piece of the puzzle for Virginia's economy to thrive.  I am proud to have stood with labor leaders and members throughout the Commonwealth sector for better pay and benefits.  As Lt. Governor, I will be a strong voice in Richmond to make sure our laws are constantly seeking to improve the lives of working people. 


As a proud product of Public Schools, I know that every child deserves a world-class education. A strong public education system isn't just the backbone of the economy throughout the Commonwealth sector-it creates the basis of a civic community where people look out for one another.  One of the most important jobs as an elected leader is to ensure that every child, parent, and teacher get everything they need to fulfill this promise of an amazing education that doesn't depend on the size of someone's wallet or the zip code in which they reside.